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Far Afield Communication

Global inspiration teams up with contemporary British design to provide menswear that is distinctive and of high quality. Classic craftsmanship and attention to detail is married to the unique to make sure that with Far Afield the wearer and the creator go that one step further. Far Afield makes a conscious approach to sourcing products from reliable and ethically sound suppliers. All clothing and accessories are sourced globally, with a dedication to high quality and ethics. Far Afield understands the need for the customer to express their individuality, and that is why they offer a bespoke shirt service. Allowing you to put a more personal touch on the details that matter.


Given the need to be in constant communication with their customers, we developed several supports for Far Afield, keeping in mind their already designed branding. Supports such as brochures, motion animations and other more punctual supports, like sale campaign communications.


While developing several items and communicating in so many ways, it comes an evolution to the originally designed branding. Our purpose was to make Far Afield grow even more day by day while creating a coherent and one of a kind look and feel that follows the Far Afield ethos.

Far Afield