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Miss Mistic Virtual Yojo Magnetic Moodies

Miss Mistic believes everyone has their own unique voice, and your voice matters.
We know that YOU have the right to speak up and stand up for what you believe, and you should not be judged for how you look or what you wear. We all come from different places and cultures, each and everyone has its own authentic story and perspective, so kindness and a none judgemental approach is the key.”
Moodies, their original creation, are bold, edgy and make an instant fashion statement.
We were tasked with creating a set of 5 characters for their new Virtual Yojo Collection.
Each of these characters are visual representations and inspired off separate collections already existent within Miss Mistic. Punkie, Queenie, Cosmie, Pinkme and Mint. This helped us define how each character would look and behave on a more personal level, keeping in mind all the different type of people and tastes, this way achieving a collection that works as a whole and each individually. So you can grab the character that most suits you and reflects who you are, their official names being: Punkiest, Tauri, Gemma, Maia and Nova.
We live in a predominant virtual world, where most things are posted online on social media, so this is a theme which has a heavy mark on these moodies. Small symbols are used on the characters, such as # and @. All of these are present in a day to day basis and characterise even more each of these characters.

Miss Mistic