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MODH is a german company specialised in modular homes. The modules are built in a factory and then put together on site, almost as Legos. The company uses quality parts and cobrands with quality manufacturers for fixture and fittings.

The aim was to design a brand that would convey that sense of modularity and constructiveness. This was achieved by designing a Monogram whose form mutates while still maintaining its rigidness and rules, that only something modular can have. With this in mind a squared grid was created to represent the idea of these modular houses being built and applied next to each other, as if it was in a neighbourhood or any other location. This also meant that the grid doubled as an imaginary map.

While the idea of a home constructed in a factory may seem strange, MODH provides the upmost quality
in their designs while managing to keep it bespoke for each client, therefore the brand had to have the same level of quality.