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Roam Retreats

Roam Retreats, an idea born from Hayley and Louise who have in common the fact that they were both in the corporate world, found yoga and found a new ‘way’ to be, think and see the world. Neither of them were ‘happy’ or content with the corporate world, but through yoga they were able to accept where they were whilst moving towards a different place in life. Thus the common ideal of Roam is created, to support beginners to yoga. Help them to develop a safe practice whilst gaining more insight and understanding of the way yoga can support them in their daily lives, their outlook and their mentality.


The name Roam, comes from that thought. Through yoga, help people travel purposefully unhindered throughout their lives with a free mind without restraints. While being a yoga retreat adds even more to that idea, completely away from their everyday life, living one day at a time, discovering themselves through the instructors teachings.


The brand was designed to follow that same line of thought, a clear mind and broaden horizons. The symbol that accompanies the logo in certain aspects, changes throughout which time of day you’re referring to. Being a yoga retreat, there are several activities to attend and having that small detail helps understand when it’s during the morning, midday or afternoon.



Roam Retreats